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  • Does your clutttered home leave you feeling sad, embarrassed, or even guilty?
  • Are you trying (with little success) to get yourself settled and organized in your new home?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by all that needs to be done?
  • Does a loved one need help downsizing and you just can’t be there all the time? 

Getting organized and living in less clutter doesn’t have to be so hard or feel so stressful. With my support and guidance, it can be easier, freeing and even FUN!

Whether you’re dreaming of organizing your current home, getting settled in your new home or have a unique organizing challenge, you will benefit from my expertise and compassion. We are able to take this journey together in-person or virtually.

Whatever project you face, work with me and you’ll experience:

Relief, Hope, Compassion and Results

You don’t have to go crazy or live in cluttered chaos anymore. You can feel a sense of peace and empowerment instead.

Work with me and I’ll show you how to:

  • Get started when you don’t know how
  • Keep going when you feel stuck
  • Let go of the excess stuff and feel great about it
  • Keep the memories without always keeping the stuff
  • Help aging relatives organize their home with dignity
  • Organize your existing or new home to create spaces that let your heart sing

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