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Tuesday Tidbit – If This is You, No Offense Intended

If This is You, No Offense Meant outtaspaceorganizing.comExcessive shopping can crush your home and your spirit. You don’t have a place for it, you may not really even need it, yet excess comes into your home. The clutter this creates can be completely overwhelming! Families fight, bank accounts are impacted, you feel embarrassed, and yet the piles keep on growing.

This type of buying is often the need for instant gratification. Sometimes it is filling ourselves up with stuff to fill a void created by loss or boredom.

It takes real determination to break this habit, and yes, it is a habit. When you are tempted to put multiples of the same item into your cart because it was a “good deal”, STOP RIGHT THERE. Ask yourself if you really truly need it and if you have a place to store it. You want to avoid turning your home into a warehouse. Right?

If there is NO ROOM in your closet or dresser and you are not willing to let go of one item for every item you buy, then it’s best to just not buy at all.

This is challenging, but truly your home will feel lighter, your relationships may improve, your bank account will thank you, and life is just better.

If you want help to make room in your home – not for more, but to improve the overall feeling – reach out to start the conversation. Either email me or call and let’s chat about how we might work together.

Tuesday Tidbit – Organize Your Home Day

Organize Your Home Day

Sometimes we find it challenging to keep our homes, offices and spaces neat and organized. It is oh so easy to keep procrastinating about tasks that seem to require more time and effort than we care to give them.

This Sunday, January 14th, is Organize Your Home Day. Now, you don’t have to dedicate the entire day to organizing, but a few hours this weekend spent knocking off those pesky DIY projects and small jobs that have been on your mind since last fall would be time well spent.

You could even suggest to a friend or family member to work together to accomplish even more. Working with others can make it more fun, tasks get done more quickly, and you will be surprised how much your life will be impacted by giving your home a bit of TLC.

If you do want to spend a day or a half-day working with someone other than friends or family, reach out by email or cell and let’s see what we could do together.

Tuesday Tidbit – National Motivation and Inspiration Day

For those of you motivated over the past years to be a part of my on-line family, I am so happy you are here. If you are new, Welcome. If you are a tried and true Tuesday Tidbit lover, Thank You. Your support, comments and love are truly humbling.

National Motivation and Inspiration Day

It’s January 2nd, the beginning of 2018, and today is National Motivation and Inspiration Day.

On December 18th, 2001, National Motivation and Inspiration Day was passed by The United States Congress following the events of 9/11. This special day, the suggestion of motivational speaker Kevin L. McCrudden, was to have a day to honor the sacrifice of so many and acknowledge the importance of motivation and inspiration in our daily lives.

It was also meant to encourage people to become the best they can be and maximize their potential. We honor the memory of those we lost by truly appreciating our own life and focusing on changing our lives for the better.

You have an entire year ahead of you, and now is the time to start making a few of the changes you’ve been thinking about – some of them for years.

If any of those changes involve creating a home that surrounds you in peace and contentment, please reach out by phone or email to start the conversation.

Tuesday Tidbit – Just Like Herding Cats

Just Like Herding Cats

This Friday, December 15, is Cat Herders Day. Who knew? While this is a relatively new idiom – “it’s just like herding cats” – we understand the reference is to a difficult or seemingly impossible task.

For some, this brings up visions of their excess stuff and clutter!

You start, you try, you mean to accomplish something, but…you feel like your clutter is those cats. Right?

In your planning, separate one “cat” or “task” from the others, concentrate on it and let the others go. Decide on the steps you need to take to move ahead, gather the tools you need, and then schedule it in your calendar. Just go for it!

To help you even further with this step, I’m sharing a helpful document usually reserved for my clients. It is the Simple Steps to Start Any Organizing Project document. Feel free to download and print it out for your own projects.

Take a deep breath and remember you don’t need to do this alone. I’m taking new clients in January 2018 so if you are curious, let’s simply start the conversation. Either call or email me to find out how or if we should herd those cats together.

Tuesday Tidbit – Quotes and Quips About Clutter

Quotes and Quips About Clutter outtaspaceorganizing.comThis week I’m sharing some of my favorite quotes about clutter, organizing and simplifying. Pause to let the message or messages sink into your heart.

“Clutter is not just the stuff on the floor; it’s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living.”  Peter Walsh

“Don’t agonize, organize.”  Florynce Kennedy

“If a gift has come to you wrapped in obligations and tied tightly with a ribbon of guilt, then it’s not really a gift at all. It’s a manipulation. A gift should be something freely given that enhances your life and reminds you lovingly of the giver. If it’s not, you simply should not give it a place in your home.” Peter Walsh

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”  Helen Keller

“Decisiveness is a characteristic of high-performing men and women. Almost any decision is better than no decision at all.” Brian Tracy, Author and Speaker

 “Out of clutter, find simplicity.” Albert Einstein