Organize Your Current Home

Is the clutter in your Current Home a mountain or a mole hill?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You love your home but don’t enjoy living there right now.
  • Your grown child is moving back in…with grandchildren.
  • You started a business and need to clear out the basement.
  • You have not parked your car(s) in the garage in years.
  • You have not eaten at the kitchen table in months, maybe years.
  • You have no idea where important papers are.
  • You have no system for the inflow of paper and bills.
  • You have a blended family and now is the time to become one.
  • You don’t want to do this alone.

If you’re ready to tackle the years of accumulation, but just don’t know how to begin the process or even where to start…

If you crave the compassionate support of someone without any emotional entanglement to your treasures, without judgment of your decisions…

If you want unconditional support, new energy, easy-to implement ideas and strategies to guide you through the enormous task of finally dealing with your stuff…

Let’s start the conversation by scheduling a complimentary 30-minute Simplify Your Stuff strategy call. Click here to do that right now. 

Not sure you’re ready? I get it.

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about this for a long time. Or perhaps this is a completely new idea. Yet, you’re considering inviting an organizer (me!) into your home to work side-by side with you or virtually to corral the clutter. You are curious if someone can really help you, and then you “go down the rabbit hole” and tell yourself you “should” be able to just do this on your own.

You easily call a painter, contractor, landscaper, or other professional to help you create the home of your dreams. But this feels more personal. It is. And it can be a bit daunting.

If “getting organized” is a permanent part of your to-do list or you avoid it altogether, my guess is you aren’t going to do this on your own.

It’s okay! I can help.

The Next Step

outtaspaceorganizing.comThere’s only one small, but empowering action you need to take to get started.

Your next step is to simply schedule your complimentary 30-minute Simplify Your Stuff
strategy call here

Helen Keller said it best:

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Let’s find out how we can take this journey together.

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