Kind Words

Here’s what clients are saying…

“Before I met Penny, I was scared, tired and completely overwhelmed, not to mention angry with myself for letting things get so out of hand. I needed help with ideas that I believed would work and also help with follow-through.
After working with Penny, one of the best things for me was getting rid of unnecessary junk that was taking up valuable space. The biggest change I noticed in me was a sense of peace and the balance that was created!
Penny is so impressive at what she does. She is very inspirational and motivates you to finish the task, not to mention her knowledge in this field. There is never a shaming moment. Thank you, Penny, for the life-giving art of organization!”
Dana Domoulin
Southern Minnesota Stay-At-Home-Mom

Ruth Ferack

“I’d been overwhelmed with clutter for a very long time and no matter how many times I tried to “get organized” there were never any big changes. Working virtually, Penny was able to help me set up a new home office; clear many clutter trouble spots, and breathe fresh air and energy into my home. Thank you, Penny!”
Ruth Ferack
Westland, MI
Holistic health coach and consultant – Working with women in mid-life transition, helping them find solutions to living healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives.
“Alone, I could not rid myself of the clutter and chaos; I felt overwhelmed and at a loss as to where to start. I had not allowed anyone into my home in years, yet I felt comfortable reaching out for help from Penny. She gently helped me see where to start and how to clear out so much unnecessary stuff. I LOVE how this feels! When I move into my new condo I know all the work we have done will make this move much easier, and I also know and trust that she will work her magic and help me get settled quickly and easily.”
Reverend Henry Doyle
Faribault, MN

“Before Penny helped me nothing was organized. I couldn’t find anything! I really didn’t know where or how to start getting things organized. I needed someone to help simplify my life. I needed ideas that were simple and workable for me.
Penny listened to me and I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to KNOW where everything is (even my missing passport!) and I don’t have to waste time or energy looking for anything.
Thanks so much!”
Mary Lou Kalbow
APEX Massage & Bodywork
Waseca, MN

“My large storage room is now a dream and not a nightmare. My office closet is an organized system of labeled bins and I even have extra room! The best part is I can find what I am looking for! This may sound like a small feat, but it feels so good to be able to go to a file cabinet or my storage room and KNOW where everything is.
Through our work together, I have gained a new sense of what it takes to be organized, and how wonderful it feels. I really like some of the tips Penny shares that validate what you are doing and help with the process. I loved our work together so much I bought a gift certificate for my mom!”
Julie Lopez
Worthington, MN