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Tuesday Tidbit – How to Fold the American Flag

Me·mo·ri·al Day
məˈmôrēəl ˌdā/
     a day on which those who died in active military service are remembered, traditionally observed on May 30 but now officially observed on the last Monday in May.

My grandfather, grandmother, father, husband, and son are all veterans of the United States Armed Forces. The Army, Navy and Air Force are represented within their ranks and my father’s flag is pictured here.

The American flag is an important part of any military funeral. You are invited to click here to learn what the American Legion writes about flag folding procedures and explains the meaning of the 13 folds.

As we celebrate Memorial Day with picnics and time off, please pause, thank our veterans for their service, and take a few moments to learn more about the American Flag.

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Tuesday Tidbit – Happy New Year!

Here is a quote from “Unknown” that hopefully serves as inspiration for 2017.

“This year believe that anything is possible.
Start each day with goals.
Eat more real food.
Buy good books and make time to read them.
Drink water.
Exercise daily, even when it sounds like a terrible idea.
Shop for quality, not quantity.
Purge the unnecessary and decrease clutter.
Hug the ones I love.
Find the best in others.
Show others the best in me.” –Unknown

Wishing you many surprises in 2017, ones that nourish your soul and light up your life.

Happy Happy New Year!

Tuesday Tidbit – Organize Your Ornaments ~ A Free Gift

In my family, ornaments play a role in remembering travel,  life events and experiences.

To make keeping track super simple, all of this information is now on a spreadsheet. It is easy to add pages for new family members or friends, and is easily updated each year.

Please accept my gift of a customizable ornament tracking template to record your own ornament history to help simplify your holidays.

Click here to download your gift.

Merry Christmas from our home to yours.

Tuesday Tidbit – Holiday Survival Tips – Part 2

The hustle and bustle of the holidays can quickly sap our energy. Parties/open houses, choir concerts/dance recitals, the usual family sporting events, music lessons, faith-based events, and perhaps travel to see family and friends. All of these activities make demands on our time and energy.

Because we have a finite amount of energy, it is important to recharge and to be kind to YOU. Have a  cup of tea, read a good book, take a bath, listen, just listen to music, turn off your phone for a few hours, or just sit and be present.

Sometimes the quiet moments are the most magical of all.

Wishing you time to experience those quiet moments along with time to fully enjoy your faith, family and friends this holiday season.

Tuesday Tidbit – Holiday Survival Tips – Part 1

Yes, it is December, and for many the season brings untold joy AND stress. Let’s face it, we can become overwhelmed with seasonal tasks. By breaking these tasks down into manageable pieces (does that sound familiar?), we tend to enjoy a more peaceful holiday and are able to focus on family, friends, giving with a grateful heart, and “The Reason for the Season”.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Start now and make out a schedule of what tasks you want to do each week. For instance, the first week could be interior and exterior decorating. Week two and three – shopping; week 3 – sending greeting cards; week 4 – baking and wrapping. Of course, if you are in a cookie exchange in early December, just adjust the schedule to fit your needs.
  2. When you are finished decorating, take a photo of where each item is to make this even easier next year. You could also label item; for instance, fireplace mantel, front door, etc. It is also great to get help with decorating and having photos removes the guess-work for your helper elves.
  3. Now that everything is out where you want it, donate the excess. You will free up space in your home and bless someone else. After all, this is the true spirit of Christmas.

Have questions about how we might work together? Let’s simply start the conversation. Either call or email me to find out how or if we should take your downsizing and organizing journey together.