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Tuesday Tidbit – Are We All Alike?

Are We All Alike? outtaspaceorganizing.comIs there only one way to organize?

Should everyone organize the same way?

Heck NO!

Hopefully this is good news. We have our natural tendencies, but only one right way? NOPE!

One of my favorite clients is a single woman. Her nemesis was papers, the mail and filing. She would leave mail in the mailbox for a week at a time because it caused her so much stress to think of bringing more mail and papers into her home.

After we started working together, she shared that her former husband had THE WAY to handle these tasks. Unfortunately, it just did not make sense to her and since she could not do it THE WAY, she did her best to ignore it all. She felt “less than” and was distressed over the backlog piled in her home.

It was very freeing for her when we talked about how to implement HER way, one that worked with her natural tendencies and mindset. Together we dove into and slowly, but surely, crushed the piles, and she achieved Freedom!

Her system is for her, and if you are ready to learn more and implement systems for YOU, let’s start the conversation by either calling or emailing me. Let’s discover YOUR WAY to organize.

Tuesday Tidbit – A Holiday Survival Message

A Holiday Survival Message outtaspaceorganizing.comThe hustle and bustle of the holidays can quickly sap our energy. Parties/open houses, choir concerts/dance recitals, the usual family sporting events, music lessons, faith-based events, and perhaps travel to see family and friends. All of these activities make demands on our time and energy.

Because we have a finite amount of energy, it is important to recharge and to be kind to YOU. Have a cup of tea, read a good book, take a bath, listen – just listen – to music, turn off your phone for a few hours, or just sit and be present.

Sometimes the quiet moments are the most magical of all.

Wishing you time to experience those quiet moments along with time to fully enjoy your faith, family and friends this holiday season.

Tuesday Tidbit – Simplify Your Life Week

Simplify Your LIfe Week outtaspaceorganizing.comSimplify Your Life Week is the first week of August, and it’s a great time to pause in your fast-paced world and rediscover time for you!

Think about everything you say “YES” to:

  • Community involvement and volunteering,
  • Social engagements you just don’t have your heart in but still say yes to (maybe you don’t even like them that much?),
  • “Covering time” for a co-worker you don’t really want to, or
  • Hours on social media,

…to name just a few.

Think about how saying yes benefits you, your family, your business, your health, and your mind. If it does not bring good into your life, and does not bring you joy, learn to say “NO!”

Tuesday Tidbit – How to Eliminate a Morning Stressor

How to Eliminate a Morning Stressor outtaspaceorganizing.comApril is Stress Awareness month. Wow, an entire month. Let’s focus on just one way to reduce stress in your life and the life of your family.

According to research conducted by The Bureau of Labor Statistics, we spend, on average, 30+ minutes a day looking for misplaced items! 

That’s 7 ½ days a year! (I’d rather take a vacation!)

Being late and rushing is no fun and an unnecessarily stressful way to start your day. It can be very simple to eliminate the stress of one missing item if that item is your keys.

Designate a tray, bowl, hook, or a pocket in your purse (the SAME pocket) and make it a habit to put your keys there. EVERY time!

Then there is no searching, yelling, frustration, or rushing needed.

Really, it is that simple.