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Tuesday Tidbit – Oh no! The IRS called!! IRS Scam

Oh, no! The IRS called. Or did they?

Nope, they NEVER call.

The message said to call them back immediately because the “government” said I owe back taxes. Because I KNOW this is not true, it made me laugh. The laughing was replaced with concern since someone else might be fooled into calling back out of worry. Who knows what they would have asked for? I’m betting the first question would be my social security number to “pull up my file”. What a scam.

Beware as thieves and scammers are trying to take advantage of us as we are preparing and filing our taxes. Investigators with Legal Shield share some directions from the IRS on how to handle suspicious IRS communication.

Click here to read the full article. It’s important. Be smart and protect yourself.

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Tuesday Tidbit – Why Make It Too Easy?

Why Make It Too Easy?

Recently I was waiting my turn to pay for my items in a department store. Another shopper – I’m guessing she was about 75 – had most of the contents of her wallet out on the counter. She finally found the missing credit card, and I could not help but offer her some advice.

Along with many credit cards, she also was carrying her deceased husband’s Medicare card. She didn’t explain why she carried it, but felt it was not of any consequence since he was deceased.


A Medicare card contains a FULL SOCIAL SECURITY number. Any social security number, whether the person is alive or not, is a gold mine to unscrupulous people. My recommendation was for her to remove it and her own Medicare card from her wallet as soon as she arrived home. She accepted my input in the spirit in which it was intended and I am hopeful she will protect herself.

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