About Penny

I believe that transforming the space in which you live can ultimately transform your life…

Getting organized is so much more than de-cluttering, sorting, letting go of stuff or unpacking and getting settled in your new home. It is a way to intentionally create more space not only in your home, but also in your mind, your heart and your life.

Getting organized translates into freedom, time, happiness and peace.

How? When you reduce distracting clutter, you create space. Space to focus on and enjoy other activities, other people, your dreams, your hobbies and YOU…not your piles of stuff.

Clutter drains your energy and focus.

It leaves you anxious and overwhelmed.

Before-AfterPics400I know the feeling.

As an 18-year-old college freshman living with a roommate, I realized that our cluttered chaos really WAS affecting us. Every inch of our room, minus our desks, was a total wreck.

We started resenting the mess and the time it took and the stress involved in always needing to search for things. Worst of all, we started resenting each other. Living in cluttered chaos was a hassle and bad for our overall happiness.

We lived this way for only a few months and yet it got to us. How long have you been dealing with the chaos? How is it affecting you and your family?

I’m Penny Hammond and my passion is helping busy families cut out the clutter and get back in control of their home, their time, their freedom and their lives.

This is why, after receiving my life coaching certification, I created Outta Space Organizing, a Southern Minnesota-based company that provides professional organizing services locally and virtually.

I serve as a catalyst for seniors, busy families and professionals who are striving to live an organized lifestyle; one that nourishes their souls and lets their hearts sing.

Ready to transform your home and life?

Let’s get started.

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