Tuesday Tidbit – How Much is an Hour of Your Life Worth?

How Much is An Hour of Your Life Worth? outtaspaceorganizing.com“People Who Hoard” was the topic of a recent training I attended. To be honest, this is not a specialty of mine, but I have a few clients who approach the edge of the clinical description and I wanted to learn more about how I might better guide them.

The presenter had an interesting formula that I feel many people can embrace. He encouraged people to place a value on an hour of their life. The distinction between an hour of your life and hour of your time was a new concept.

We can use magazines as an example.

  1. How much is an hour of your life worth? Let’s use $100
  2. How long will it take you to go through each magazine? Let’s use an hour.
  3. How many magazines do you have? 50

The Result: $100/hour x 60 minutes x 50 magazines = $5000

This is a new way to look at handling the stuff in your life, including the backlog of papers, junk mail, donation requests, publications with “amazing life-changing” offers, and, of course, magazines.

This awareness allowed them to decide how they wanted to proceed with the visible and hidden clutter in their home and to be ruthless about what they allowed into their home in the future.

Using this formula, it’s now up to you to decide how you want to spend the hours in your life.

I can help with this process. Just reach out by phone or email and let’s start the conversation.

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