Tuesday Tidbit – Are You Shuffling?

Are You Shuffling? outtaspaceorganizing.com

Today is Playing Card Collection Day. Yup, this is a real day on the Days of the Year website.

Instead of playing cards, it made me think of all the times we shuffle our piles of stuff around the house. We are masters at shuffling if someone is coming over on short notice. Right?

We shove random items in the drawers, piles go to the bedroom (quick shut the door!), down to the basement, or any place you think someone will not see. We do this because our piles embarrass us, yet they continue to grow for many reasons.

  1. We have not created an actual home for our belongings.
  2. We don’t have systems to handle the in-flow of papers.
  3. We’ve received gifts we don’t like or need, but keep anyway.
  4. We are not motivated to do anything…unless the doorbell is going to ring.
  5. We are overwhelmed.
  6. We don’t know where to start.
  7. We’re just tired, BUT also tired of the piles.

It’s not your fault. You just need to put yourself first and seek help and support for the journey. If you’re ready to chat about how we could create more calm in your home together, reach out by phone or email.

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