Tuesday Tidbit – Integrity is the Norm

As a member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO) I adhere to their strict code of ethics. Other NAPO members do too.

Recently I found $2,032 while helping a client simplify the master bedroom closet and another $2,694 when we tackled the dressers. We had joked before getting started that any money I found I got to keep. The $2,032 made us smile, but the total of $4,726 was a fun kind of day! She had completely forgotten about this money tucked into shoe boxes, clothing and envelopes.

I reached out to other professional organizers to ask about their experiences and surprises and here are a few responses. Keep in mind that in 99% of these cases the clients did not remember they had these items or cash/checks.

 $300 cash                                $500 cash
 $6,000 cash                            $13,000 cash & checks
 $20,000 CD                            $40,000 cash

Also found was $15,000 in a rice cooker set for donation (the organizer looked inside); a $25,000 ring pinned to the hem of pants intended to be donated (they found the receipt in a file cabinet); and $100,000 in savings bonds because the client didn’t know how to cash them in (good news: the organizer drove her client to the bank!).

It is a fun day when you make a difference in literally hundreds and thousands of ways! While there is no guarantee of finding similar items, you can be sure if I do, you will be the first to know.

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