Tuesday Tidbit – Clients Offer 13 “Whys”

Clients Offer 13 "Whys" outtaspaceorganizing.comWhen we know why we are doing or not doing something, it truly helps us on the journey.  If you are downsizing and simplifying to reach a goal or goals, the results are longer lasting. Also, when you start to let the piles accumulate again, your why is motivation to get back on track.

Do you know your why? What is the end goal in decluttering your home? Here are a few ideas from my clients. See what resonates with you.

  • Less time cleaning
  • More time for fun
  • More time for hobbies
  • More time to travel
  • Potentially quicker and easier home sale
  • Reduce stress
  • Get along better with family member(s)
  • Reduce expenses (if you know you have it and where it is you don’t need to replace it)
  • Make room for your vehicle or toys
  • More pleasant environment to enjoy
  • Opening the door when friends drop in instead of pretending you are not home
  • Not being embarrassed when the kids bring home friends
  • Make room for a family member

The whys are endless and if you’d like my help to meet your organizing and simplifying goals, let’s start the conversation. Call or email me to learn if we are meant to take the journey together.

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