Tuesday Tidbit – 7 Reasons to Start Downsizing and Simplifying

7 Reasons to Start Downsizing and Simplifying outtaspaceorganizing.com

Life is constantly changing and our belongings change too.

We sometimes forget this and just keep it all, and then feel the weight of our stuff. We feel stuck.

Why Start Downsizing and Simplifying?

  1. You deserve to enjoy living in your home.
  2. You deserve to make your own decisions about your belongings.
  3. You are giving a gift to your family to do this now.
  4. You are responsible.
  5. Your health has changed.
  6. You’ve been thinking about this more often.
  7. You want to be prepared for your future whether you move or not.

Why Enlist My Support?

  1. You want to do this, but don’t know where or how to start.
  2. You don’t know where or how to donate, sell, dispose of everything.
  3. You are overwhelmed.
  4. You are embarrassed.
  5. You feel guilty about letting go of gifts.
  6. You must move and don’t want to.
  7. You don’t want to burden family or friends.
  8. You want a compassionate and knowledgeable non-family member to help you on this journey.

With compassion and the utmost respect for your family belongings, treasures and memories, I will work with you side-by- side on your downsizing and simplifying journey. Let’s simply start the conversation to find out if we should take this journey together.  Call or email me here.

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