Tuesday Tidbit – Tips for Downsizing Your Treasures

Whether you are downsizing to start a new chapter of your life in a smaller home or it is simply time to live with less, letting go of special treasures can be challenging. Here are a few tips to get you started on this path.

One way to handle pictures, photos, memorabilia, and collections

Tips for Downsizing Your Treasures outtaspaceorganizing.com

Pictures, photos, memorabilia, and collections take up lots of space! I’ve been in homes where the tables, top of the piano, window sills, counter tops, and many walls were full of precious photos and memories. Also, many are packed away and have not seen the light of day for decades.

In a smaller space there just won’t be room for everything. Consider having the photos digitized and photos taken of treasures to preserve in beautiful books. While not the same as keeping every item, it is a space-saving way to continue enjoying these treasures.

Other family members may want a copy of the books, too, so be sure to ask them – perhaps this solution will be of comfort to everyone.

It’s okay to break up a set!

There is a point when once-used china is tucked away for the last time. When you are downsizing or simplifying your life, keep in mind it is okay to break up a set. The chances of a well-loved set of china being 100% intact is slim so keeping a cup and saucer or a place-setting before you pass it on is perfectly fine. Really.

 If it’s meant to be a gift or legacy, consider giving
it now

You don’t need to wait for the next holiday, birthday, or other milestone to pass on a much-loved item. There are few reasons to wait to experience the joy of giving right now.

Working alone or helping a loved one sort through decades of possessions is a daunting task. I can help. Let’s simply start the conversation. Either call or email me to find out how, or if, we should take this journey together.

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