Tuesday Tidbit – Surprising Myths About Clutter (Part 2)

Surprising Myths About Clutter (Part 2) outtaspaceorganizing.comLast week we looked at myths one and two that keep you stuck with too much stuff.  This week, we finish up with myths three, four and five.

Myth #3 – Giving to a Specific Person is the Best Way to Let Go

I agree in principle. However, having a pile/bag for Aunt Carol, one for your former neighbor who moved across town, one for the doctor’s office (think magazines), one for your sister, and one for a local charity can sabotage your intentions.

If you are not committed to a specific timeline (and make it short) to actually pass these items on, all you’ve done is create more piles in your home. Move them along; two weeks should be enough time. If they are still there after two weeks, take them all to your local charity and assume someone will be looking for these exact items and will be thrilled with your generosity.

See? You did share it with the right person!

Myth #4 – Keep Your Skinny Clothes for When You Slim Down

Let’s face it, when you lose a bunch of weight you’re going to want new clothes, not the ones from years ago. Let them go now to someone who can use them and look forward to replacing them when the time comes.

Myth #5 – Hold On to that Thing-a-Ma-Jig; You Just Need to Fix It

With the best of intentions we aimlessly store items that are not working to fix… someday. We’ll get it done when we remember to buy/order a part (um…first you need to find the manual) or decide who can fix it. If it’s been hanging around for six months, let it go.

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