Tuesday Tidbit – Organize Your Key Documents BEFORE They (and YOU!) Become a Burden

If something happened to you, would your loved ones know where to find the following?

  • Financial and tax records
  • Medical records
  • Family records
  • Will and living will
  • Health care directives
  • Life and other insurance policies
  • Funeral details and wishes
  • Birth certificate/Passport
  • Veteran/Military records
  • Online account usernames and passwords

Or would they have to dig through piles of papers scattered throughout your home?

Save them the stress and frustration. Give your loved ones the gift of pulling all of your key documents together now so they don’t have to do it later.

Get your Ducks in a Row with The Peace of Mind organizing solution. This organizing solution is for you if you want hands-on assistance and practical tools to help you organize your key documents without struggling alone.

Why choose me?

With a degree in business and a background in the insurance industry, I “get” paper! But more importantly, I’ve received additional training as a Financial Organizing Consultant, which means that I have specialized skills and knowledge to help you organize your papers, documents and records.

3 reasons why you should organize your key documents now:

1)  Gathering and organizing your key documents keeps them safer and more secure than if they were lying (or lost!) around your home.

2)  You never know if or when an emergency will strike. Be prepared today, just in case.

3)  The sooner you take care of this, the sooner you can relax knowing your affairs are in order. Your loved ones will thank you, too!

 The first step to greater Peace of Mind is to simply start the conversation by calling me at 507-351-2883 or emailing me at: penny@outtaspaceorganizing.com.

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