Tuesday Tidbit – Clutter-Free Graduation Gift Ideas

Clutter-Free Graduation Gift Ideas outtaspaceorganizing.com

With graduation parties and open houses upon us, here are a few useful (some are clutter-free) ideas for gifts:

  1. Cash: Rates as number 1, but there are other ideas too
  2. Gift cards: Gas is a big one, along with iTunes, Amazon, restaurants, movies, coffee shops, and VISA/Master Card
  3. Oil changes for a trusty car hauling almost an entire bedroom and precious cargo off to school or to a new job
  4. Tool box. Just the basics to get them started. Has anyone else used the heel of a shoe/boot to hang a photo? If you really want to make a difference include a power strip as often college housing is shy on outlets
  5. Small vacuum
  6. Parking (on campus), bus, light rail pass
  7. Classes: Fitness, self-defense or tutoring
  8. A bike and a lock to get around campus
  9. Monthly streaming fees: Netflix, Hulu, Spotify
  10. Check the school website and find local stores and restaurants and give gift cards
  11. Laptop, iPad: These make a great group gift

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