Tuesday Tidbit – Be Heard Day

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Today March 7, 2017 is Be Heard Day and this is a tricky topic to bring into the light.

When others, especially family, clean out their closets, basements, and garages, buy new furniture, or move, there is unwanted stuff. Some stuff you may actually want or need, some will find its way to a donation site, maybe the recycling center, but who gets “gifted” the other stuff?

You do! The stuff you don’t want, need, like, or even have room for.

You may be told that this “treasure” (you’ve always thought it was hideous), belonged to great Aunt Betty who you never met and have no connection to, and that you “should” take it. For the giver, this is the easy way out.

What are you to do? You learn to say no, thank you”.

One of the best times to use these three simple words is BEFORE they are needed. It is a preemptive move. Use it BEFORE the packing, BEFORE the moving, BEFORE the furniture shopping, and continue to say it until you are heard.

You get to live with the treasures that create a peaceful and calm home for you and your family, not the stuff no one else wanted.

Try it, just say no, thank you”.

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