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Tuesday Tidbit – What do we collect more than can koozies?

What do we collect more than can koozies?

The top contender in many kitchens for a larger collection than can koozies (you can argue to spell this cozie) is… Yup – coffee mugs!

We are given them as gifts (okay, some are really wonderful, especially the ones kids or grandkids made), we get them as prizes, and we get them as practical jokes.

We dutifully rearrange the cupboard or drawers to accommodate all of them. Why? You tell me, but usually it is habit or even guilt.

Let’s be honest, how many are you using at one time? Depending on the number of coffee, tea, cocoa drinkers, or visitors, I’m betting six, maybe eight tops.

Here is an easy solution. Gather all of them out of the cupboard, or from around the house, and put them on the counter. You might be surprised at how many you really have. Seeing all of them should help you to quickly pick out the one or two you always grab first. Then pick a few more and donate the rest. You’ll love the space you created and you will also be more mindful when another comes into your home. Don’t be afraid to keep a new favorite, but consider letting one go.

Tuesday Tidbit – When to Declutter the Sentimental Stuff

When to Declutter the Sentimental Stuff outtaspaceorganizing.comAt a recent talk to a group of retired educators about Downsizing With Dignity, I asked this question: “Do you start with or end with the sentimental stuff?” One person thought you should start with it because it would be the most challenging. You’d feel really good to have that part done. Good point.

However, going through sentimental stuff takes time, it is more complicated and emotional. Often you are tripping down memory lane so far that you get stuck. Then you get discouraged. Then you just stop.

Typically, you will have more success, and therefore, more motivation, if you start with the low hanging fruit – the simple stuff. Why? We crave results, clearer spaces, and it is just plain easier.

If you’ve worked like crazy, made life changes, and lost 50 pounds, your closet is a great place to start. Culling the “before” size(s) is reinforcement of your accomplishment with every item you share with someone else. The reminders of “before” are out the door to bless someone else and you will free up space in your mind and closet. It’s the simpler path.

I’d love to help you identify the low hanging fruit to start you on your journey. Let’s simply start the conversation. Either call or email me to find out more.

Tuesday Tidbit – Oh no! The IRS called!! IRS Scam

Oh, no! The IRS called. Or did they?

Nope, they NEVER call.

The message said to call them back immediately because the “government” said I owe back taxes. Because I KNOW this is not true, it made me laugh. The laughing was replaced with concern since someone else might be fooled into calling back out of worry. Who knows what they would have asked for? I’m betting the first question would be my social security number to “pull up my file”. What a scam.

Beware as thieves and scammers are trying to take advantage of us as we are preparing and filing our taxes. Investigators with Legal Shield share some directions from the IRS on how to handle suspicious IRS communication.

Click here to read the full article. It’s important. Be smart and protect yourself.

With an insurance background, along with additional training as a Financial Organizing Consultant, I am able to help you organize your papers, documents and records. It can be overwhelming to create the order you crave. I can help. Let’s simply start the conversation by either calling or emailing me to learn more.

Tuesday Tidbit – Be Heard Day Be Heard Day

Today March 7, 2017 is Be Heard Day and this is a tricky topic to bring into the light.

When others, especially family, clean out their closets, basements, and garages, buy new furniture, or move, there is unwanted stuff. Some stuff you may actually want or need, some will find its way to a donation site, maybe the recycling center, but who gets “gifted” the other stuff?

You do! The stuff you don’t want, need, like, or even have room for.

You may be told that this “treasure” (you’ve always thought it was hideous), belonged to great Aunt Betty who you never met and have no connection to, and that you “should” take it. For the giver, this is the easy way out.

What are you to do? You learn to say no, thank you”.

One of the best times to use these three simple words is BEFORE they are needed. It is a preemptive move. Use it BEFORE the packing, BEFORE the moving, BEFORE the furniture shopping, and continue to say it until you are heard.

You get to live with the treasures that create a peaceful and calm home for you and your family, not the stuff no one else wanted.

Try it, just say no, thank you”.