Tuesday Tidbit – What is Career Gear?

What is Career Gear? outtaspaceorganizing.com

A current client is an avid, I mean, AVID recycler. She told me this before we started our weekly organizing journey and she meant it!

One of the challenges with this heart-felt dedication is her reluctance in letting unneeded items go if she doesn’t know “just the right place” or “just the right person” to give them to. As a result, items are kept and excess stuff has accumulated.

One area that was a concern to her was passing on the professional wardrobe that belonged to her late husband. He was a well-loved college professor with an extensive wardrobe and she felt a huge responsibility to find the “right” person or organization.

Enter Career Gear. Career Gear started in 1999 in NY with the goal of helping men in need by providing business-appropriate attire for job interviews, along with career development skills and job-readiness training.

We are looking at this as a very viable option for blessing many young men with the power of the right clothes for a job interview.

If you click here you will see the drop off dates (in NY) and the address for mailing your tax deductible donations. Great option!

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