Tuesday Tidbit – A Place for Everything

A Place for Everything outtaspaceorganizing.com

Really, what does “A Place for Everything” mean and how do you achieve this? It sounds simple and it can be with some intention and practice.

First, you need to decide on a “home” for a specific category of your stuff. You do this because a core skill in organizing is knowing where to find something and where it goes when you’re finished with it.

Everyone needs to participate.

If you need a hammer and it is hanging on a pegboard or sitting in the toolbox, you have eliminated frustration and the need to search for it. This feels awesome! Either the peg board or toolbox would be the “home”. Simple, right?

It is important to make sure the “home” is convenient, makes sense to you and others, and has enough space to hold the items you want to put there. If you need to move things out of the way to first find, and then return, the hammer, you won’t. Instead, it will be put down “someplace” and we all know what that means. Searching and frustration the next time it is needed.

If you need help to create these “homes”  or have questions about how we might work together, let’s simply start the conversation. Either call or email me to find out how or if we should take your downsizing and organizing journey together.

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