Tuesday Tidbit – Helping Kids Learn To and Enjoy Giving

Hopefully you and your family are back on a more normal schedule now that it is mid-January. I’m betting that many families are feeling a space crunch with new toys for the kiddos and gifts from family and friends.

It can be too much. Right?

Here is a way to foster generosity in your children and free-up space and energy too. It may take time and patience for them to get into the swing of it, but this is truly worth the effort.

It is also helpful to teach them they are sharing instead for getting rid of. Kids can relate to and experience empathy and joy in this process.

Provide a box for toys they are ready to share and let them decorate it. This way they have ownership in the sharing. Put the box in a closet or play area and encourage them to add to the box on a regular basis. When the box is full, it is time to find a place to receive the bounty. Maybe it is a local donation site, a shelter, hospital, or day care. Let them help you decide – it is a win-win.

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