Tuesday Tidbit – Holiday Survival Tips – Part 1


Yes, it is December, and for many the season brings untold joy AND stress. Let’s face it, we can become overwhelmed with seasonal tasks. By breaking these tasks down into manageable pieces (does that sound familiar?), we tend to enjoy a more peaceful holiday and are able to focus on family, friends, giving with a grateful heart, and “The Reason for the Season”.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Start now and make out a schedule of what tasks you want to do each week. For instance, the first week could be interior and exterior decorating. Week two and three – shopping; week 3 – sending greeting cards; week 4 – baking and wrapping. Of course, if you are in a cookie exchange in early December, just adjust the schedule to fit your needs.
  2. When you are finished decorating, take a photo of where each item is to make this even easier next year. You could also label item; for instance, fireplace mantel, front door, etc. It is also great to get help with decorating and having photos removes the guess-work for your helper elves.
  3. Now that everything is out where you want it, donate the excess. You will free up space in your home and bless someone else. After all, this is the true spirit of Christmas.

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