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Tuesday Tidbit – Fight Procrastination Day

Fight Procrastination Day

Why do we put off until tomorrow what we can do today? Because it’s so darn easy to delay!

The first Wednesday in September is Fight Procrastination Day. If you can’t seem to motivate yourself, grab a partner. Sometimes just the camaraderie of a friend can push you through a tough job.

Of course if you are ready to learn how we can tackle procrastination together, simply contact me by phone or email to schedule a complimentary strategy call.

Tuesday Tidbit – On-the-Go Tips

39337284 - tipsWhether you’re spending time at the office, at home, or are constantly on the move, there are some ways to make life easier while on-the-go.

Try these tips:

Stay organized. Use a calendar – either paper or digital – to record your appointments, schedules, addresses, and phone numbers. Keeping all the information in one place can keep you from wasting time looking for it later.

Find your time wasters. Keep track of the ways you waste time for one week. Do you spend 10 minutes finding your keys? If so, hang a key hook by your door and use it. Do you check social media every time you receive a notification? Turn off the notification and check it a few times a day.

Make the most of your trips. Knock a few items off your list on the way to work or at lunch, freeing up some night and weekend time.

Re-adjust priorities. Since you can’t really do it all, re-evaluate which activities really need your time and focus. It’s okay to say no!

Tuesday Tidbit – Simplify Your Life Week

Nuh Uh! Yellow Road SignSimplify Your Life Week is the first week of August, and it’s a great time to rediscover time for you! Think about everything you say “YES” to: Community involvement, errands for others, visiting.

Think about how they benefit you, your family, your business, your health, and your mind. If they do not bring good into your life, learn to say “NO!”

Tuesday Tidbit – Less Clutter, Less Stress!

Declare your independence from clutter! Your stress level will decrease dramatically. When you can find what you need, are on top of your to-dos, and arrive on time, you’ll feel calmer and have more peace of mind. No more feeling overwhelmed by life — you’ll be the one in control.

Summer is an ideal time to learn more and seek out additional support. Simply set up a complimentary Cut Out Clutter strategy call with me here and we’ll chat about what is on your mind.

7 Benefits of Getting Organized

Are you ready to get organized but stalling because of a lack of time, money, or motivation? Don’t despair! As a professional organizer I might be just what you need! Make an investment in yourself that will provide amazing advantages for years to come.

Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to once you get organized.

GirlwithMoney200You can save money. Once you get organized, you’ll know what you already own, eliminating the need to buy duplicate items. You’ll also be able to buy what you need when it’s on sale, rather than buying at the last minute. I can help you find the ideal organizing products for your home and lifestyle, so you stop wasting money on containers that just don’t work.

You can become more productive and efficient. A professional organizer can create order and structure out of chaos. You’ll learn systems that work for your dominant learning style, your lifestyle, your needs, your challenges, and your dreams. Whether at work or at home, you’ll increase productivity once you have an organized and efficient schedule to keep you on track. You’ll be amazed at how much you get done in shorter amounts of time. And by focusing on your priorities and goals, you’ll be able to finally move ahead toward reaching them.

Self Confidence Concept

You’ll have a positive self-image and ditch the shame. Once your home or office is neat and tidy, you won’t feel embarrassed to have guests visit. The guilt will fade away as you take pride in your surroundings. Your organized office will allow you to present a professional image to co-workers, clients, and superiors. Your organized home and new found habits to keep it that way will set a great example for your children and/or spouse.

You can create a healthier environment. Physical and emotional clutter obscures your surroundings. A clutter-free environment is simply easier to manage.

Your stress level will decrease dramatically. When you can find what you need, are on top of your to-dos, and arrive on time, you’ll feel calmer and have more peace of mind. No more feeling overwhelmed by life – you’ll be the one in control.

You’ll discover more time for yourself. When you’re organized, your days go as planned, and you get a lot done. That leaves more time to indulge in a little “me time.”

Mask On Yellow

Your energy will shine. Clutter is a mask. I can help you take off that mask and let people see your vibrancy! Once the clutter is removed, you can showcase your talents, skills, and personality and have the life you deserve.