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Tuesday Tidbit – What is Career Gear?

What is Career Gear?

A current client is an avid, I mean, AVID recycler. She told me this before we started our weekly organizing journey and she meant it!

One of the challenges with this heart-felt dedication is her reluctance in letting unneeded items go if she doesn’t know “just the right place” or “just the right person” to give them to. As a result, items are kept and excess stuff has accumulated.

One area that was a concern to her was passing on the professional wardrobe that belonged to her late husband. He was a well-loved college professor with an extensive wardrobe and she felt a huge responsibility to find the “right” person or organization.

Enter Career Gear. Career Gear started in 1999 in NY with the goal of helping men in need by providing business-appropriate attire for job interviews, along with career development skills and job-readiness training.

We are looking at this as a very viable option for blessing many young men with the power of the right clothes for a job interview.

If you click here you will see the drop off dates (in NY) and the address for mailing your tax deductible donations. Great option!

Tuesday Tidbit – Joannie’s Dining Room – Before and After

As a professional organizer, I meet many interesting people from all walks of life. Some are downsizing to move, some just want to simplify and learn to live with less. Some are learning to let go of treasures left by a long-time spouse or are empty-nesters. Some are young professionals and parents with jam-packed schedules experiencing the crunch of time while wondering where it all came from.

Each one is different, yet similar. Many are overwhelmed, some feel very vulnerable, a few are embarrassed, and some feel guilty thinking they “should” be able to do it all.  This is all okay.

I’m here to help, without judgment, as you learn how to develop and flex new or seldom-used organizing muscles. Together we strive to create a home that brings you peace and joy, just like “Joannie” is enjoying her dining room again.

Have questions about how we might work together? Let’s simply start the conversation. Either call or email me to find out how or if we should take your downsizing and organizing journey together.

Tuesday Tidbit – We Can’t Keep Excess Organized

We Can't Keep Excess Organized

A new year offers lots of possibilities. It offers a natural time to start over or to rededicate ourselves to an on-going dream or goal.

If one of your goals is to reduce the clutter in your home and instead welcome in peace, light and space, here are two ideas.

Organize Less. What? Huh? What I mean is reduce the amount of items so there is less to organize. All the cute baskets, bins and storage ideas in the ads, in the stores and on Pinterest are NOT the first step in the process. Reducing and making an effort to not over-buy or allow excess into your environment is the first step.

Remember it is impossible to keep excess organized!

Store Less. A gift to your family is to go through your own memorabilia. It can be a heavy burden to those we love when we expect our family to do our work instead of us. This can be a time to share memories and stories which are often more valuable than the actual item.  It is an ideal time to pass on keepsakes; but please allow them to be received with love instead of obligation.

Have questions about how we might work together? Let’s simply start the conversation. Either call or email me to find out how or if we should take your downsizing and organizing journey together.

Tuesday Tidbit – Too Many Catalogs and Magazines?

Outta Space OrganizingA very special client is downsizing to a wonderful retirement community. Before retiring, he had a long career as a physician, and their household still receives LOTS of catalogs and magazines. They are ready for a simpler lifestyle, including fewer catalogs and magazines, and have taken advantage of the free and easy resource below.

Each year, about 100 million households receive 16.6 billion catalogs. You can reduce the amount in your mailbox by opting out of paper catalogs you no longer want. Visit, set up a free account, and enter the names of the catalogs you want stopped. One-stop “stopping!”

Six Helpful Downsizing Tips to Get You Started

Whether you are 18 or 80, moving is stressful. Expect emotions to surface, both positive and negative, because they will. (Having a neutral 3rd party — i.e., me — can help ease the tension.)

  1. While you may be “in town” for a few days, let’s face it: Moving always takes longer than you think it will, so think in terms of months, not days. You cannot rush the process.
  2. OlderWoman250Help your loved one by avoiding open-ended questions. For instance, asking how many towels do you want to take? can create stress. Instead, sort them first and give your loved one a manageable choice. “I have 3 sets of towels and 3 more wash cloths, does that sound good?” (Helpful tip: donate extras to a veterinarian or animal shelter.)
  3. Avoid the tendency to pack unnecessary multiples. Five cookie sheets, two muffin tins, and three frying pans will take up valuable and much needed storage space. This is another opportunity for a manageable choice, such as, “I have two cookie sheets, one muffin tin, and one frying pan, does that sound good?”
  4. We often think newer is better, but your loved one may instead love and USE the older ones. If they drink out of mismatched glasses instead of crystal, then the mismatched ones go and the crystal may not.
  5. Helpful tip: It is 100% acceptable to split up a set, so consider taking a few of the crystal glasses mentioned above instead of all of them if there is nice display space. This tip also applies to china. Keep a cup and saucer and perhaps ask children and grandchildren if they would like a cup and saucer too. They don’t typically want the entire set, but a piece of history is often appreciated.

Above all, remember that downsizing is a process. Take it one step and one decision at a time.

Sorting through a lifetime’s collection of stuff can be overwhelming, but it can be easier with the right help. If you or your loved one want some hands-on downsizing support, I invite you to schedule a call with me here. Together we’ll make this process more manageable!