Tuesday Tidbit – How to Celebrate NO Dirty Dishes Day

How to Celebrate No Dirty Dishes Day  outtaspaceorganizing.com

There really is a No Dirty Dishes Day. It’s on May 18th and here is how to celebrate.

One of my clients had enough dishes to fill the sink, fill the dish drying rack on the counter, fill the dishwasher, and still have many around the house. It became an art form for the teenagers in the home to stack more dirty dishes without anything falling over.

It also became a battle – a real battle to enlist the help of anyone to wash the dishes.

The solution was S I M P L E… reduce the number of dishes.

When you have what you need on a daily basis you will wash dishes, and it won’t take that long. When dishes pile up and up and up it can take hours to catch up and no one wants any part of that chore.

Sharing the bounty of your dishes will bless someone else and in the end, it will be a relief to you and your family. Sometimes it is tough love with an easy solution that creates new habits.

Have questions about how we might work together? Let’s simply start the conversation. Either call or email me to find out how or if we should take your downsizing and organizing journey together.

Tuesday Tidbit – May is Moving Month!

May is Moving Month! Outtaspaceorganizing.com

If you’re selling your house, consider “staging” it to sell it more quickly, and typically at a better price. This process of neutralizing and decluttering allows potential buyers to picture their belongings in the rooms instead of being distracted by stuff and clutter.

Staging also starts the “letting go” process for you as the seller, as you create a more neutral-looking home. I can help you with this “letting go” process. Schedule your Cut Out Clutter strategy call today by clicking here.

Tuesday Tidbit – Get Past Perfectionism

Perfectionists make awesome procrastinators. Unfortunately, delayed decisions can keep you from moving forward.

This week, recognize that nothing has to be perfect, just good enough. Set a time limit to make a decision or to tackle a task that you’ve been avoiding, and then just do it.

Test the theory that the most unpleasant tasks don’t take nearly as long as you think they will and most pleasant things tend to drag out a bit longer than you’d expect.

Tuesday Tidbit – Bridging the World of Organization!

Bridging the World of Organization outtaspaceorganizing.comI’m a believer in personal development and to practice what I preach, I’m headed to the 2017 National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) annual conference. There will be hundreds of other professional organizers from around the world. So excited!!

Some of the sessions I’m registered for are:

  • Bridging the ADHD Spousal Communication Gap through Organization,
  • Organizing Dead People,
  • Mental Floss for Eliminating Brain Clutter,
  • a TED talk on Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator, and

a number of others. A super full week of my kind of fun!

Watch for updates on my Facebook page.

Tuesday Tidbit – 18 on the Eighteenth

18 on the Eighteenth outtaspaceorganizing.comAs a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) there is access to all sorts of useful information. Since today is the 18th, it is an ideal time to  remind you that a 4-drawer file cabinet holds 18,000 sheets of paper!

Just think about that for a moment. The 80/20 Rule, often referred to as the Pareto Principle, suggests  we only look at 20% of what we file. That means roughly 14,400 sheets of paper have been filed and will never see the light of day again.

Moving forward, be ruthless when you file, and if you need my help to handle the backlog, let’s start the conversation by calling or emailing me.